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Make the Most of Change —
Creating the Change You Seek

Thank you for taking the time to visit the website for my private psychotherapy practice in San Jose, California!

Since you're reading this, it's likely you're trying to navigate and resolve some problems you're facing and are wondering if therapy is the answer or if it can help.

If you're feeling stressed out, experiencing relationship problems with a boyfriend or spouse, having parenting issues, or feeling depressed, uncertain, or overwhelmed, therapy can help you find what you're looking for!

Psychotherapy is about making changes. Changing the behaviors and underlying beliefs that keep us from being happy and living the best life possible.

Often, change itself is what brings people to therapy. Major life changes such as getting married or divorced, losing a job or loved-one, deciding to actively pursue a relationship, having children, and parenting issues can all lead to feelings of anxiety, depression, and self-doubt.

My name is Monica Dittrich, and the psychotherapy services I offer can help you communicate in a clearer, more empathic manner, connect with others openly and non-judgmentally, improve your self-confidence and mood, and decrease and eliminate anxiety.

As a licensed psychotherapist, my job is to provide a compassionate and confidential environment in which you can discuss and resolve the issues you're experiencing so you can move forward and create the best life possible.

How Therapy Can Help

In our work together, I will listen deeply and empathically to your thoughts and feelings, offer objectivity and reflection, and provide "reality checks" and insight into why you're experiencing the difficulties you face.

We will explore your thoughts and feelings and how these impact your mood, perceptions, and define the choices you make.

I incorporate mindfulness techniques into my work, which can help you "listen" to your body as well as your thoughts and feelings and help you be present and focused in a given moment so you can stop, feel, and think before acting.

Depending on your needs, I also teach stress management and stress reduction techniques, communication and parenting skills, self-soothing to reduce anxiety, assertiveness training, and tools to improve life balance, as well as collaborate with psychiatrists and other professionals.

In the safe, supportive, and confidential environment of my private psychotherapy practice, you can:

  • Honestly evaluate yourself and the problems you face
  • Define what you need to feel not just happy, but joyful
  • List the steps necessary to achieve your goals
  • Implement these steps with support and accountability

I have helped numerous women, parents, and children successfully navigate major life transitions, effectively deal with relationship difficulties, navigate school issues and the special education system, and achieve the most balanced and fulfilling life possible.

To find out more about the services I offer, I encourage you to review this website using the links to the left, or you may navigate to a particular topic of interest on the following list:

Whether you feel you're facing a crisis or just need an objective person to confidentially discuss the issues you're facing, optimism, confidence, and happiness can be yours, as can making the most of change.

If you're willing to do the work, therapy can be one of the most positive, life-changing, and rewarding experiences you ever have.

I'm available to listen and help or refer you to someone who can. Please feel free to contact me by phone at 408-317-8440, or by e-mail at with any questions, to request referrals, or to schedule a free, initial phone consultation. I look forward to speaking with you.


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