Marriage and Relationship Counseling for Women —
You Don't Have to Go Through It Alone!

Many people seek relationship or marriage counseling thinking that if only the other person would change everything will work out just fine.

However, no matter how much we might like to believe otherwise, we can never change someone else. We can only change ourselves.

For this reason—and despite what people may think—many relationship issues can be addressed successfully in individual, one-on-one therapy sessions.

If you're in a relationship but don't feel your partner and you are ready for couples counseling, individual therapy can help you recognize and understand the aspects of your relationships that trigger your anxieties and fears.

And, even if your partner doesn't want to come to counseling, it doesn't mean it's time to give up hope!

Individual therapy can be very beneficial if you're experiencing relationship issues. At the very least, individual counseling can provide an outlet for you to discuss your feelings, identify your priorities, problem solve ways to improve your relationship, feel better about yourself, and decide whether or not it's time to move on.

The individual counseling services I offer can provide the support and guidance you need during relationship difficulties. I can help you develop and learn the skills and tools necessary to move beyond behaviors that are no longer serving your relationship.

Together we can explore the issues that result in conflict in your relationship and how you can effectively negotiate them.

If you'd like to:

  • Lessen conflict between you and your partner
  • Achieve and retain a calm state of being
  • Heal and forgive past wrongs
  • Reconnect with your partner and share your desires and dreams
  • Increase your mutual respect and affection

Individual counseling can help.

A strong, healthy, loving relationship provides much more than companionship and support. It encourages both partners to be their best as individuals. Fortunately, a relationship doesn't have to be perfect to be miraculous.

No matter what relationship issues you face, there is always room for personal growth and change.

Living with regrets won't help, but it's never too late to begin creating the life and relationship you want!

For more information about individual counseling for relationship issues and how I can help, please feel free to contact me at 408-317-8440 or at I look forward to helping you rediscover yourself and create the relationship you've been seeking.


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